How I use my Moleskine

I discovered moleskine’s while I was listening to a podcast that was touting them as the new PDA.  It is a very simple notebook that feels nice as it is covered in a foe leather like cover. The pages, lined or not are a light beige so they are easy on the eyes. The notebooks have a strap that keeps it closed or can be used to hold your page. It also has a bookmark attached that can be moved page to page. Lastly there is a pocket in the back to hold receipts, stamps or anything else. There are many styles; the traditional book like, and also a reporter style that opened vertical. All together for the price this is a great notebook with lots of features. They come in many sizes and styles. Also pre-printed with calendars and other useful day planner type prints.

mole_regular_sm.jpg 32419_lrg.jpg reporter_offen1.jpg store_moleskines_06.jpg

I use the classic style as a daily journal to dump my thoughts and empty my head. I use the reporter style as a basic GTD task list. These are great catchalls when you are not a computer. Also if you attach a pen to the side you will always be able to capture anything that comes your way.


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