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2008 – What will it bring?

Time to start thinking about next years goals. Maybe I will try to lose weight, save money, be happier? All those things sound great but I say I am going to do them every year. What will I try this year? I have been thinking about this for a while now. I guess what I need to do first is take inventory of what I have.

  • Family: is Healthy
  • House: Needs work but it is ok.
  • Work: I have a job, that’s good
  • Stuff: I have too much stuff
  • Me: I am ok

So now that I took inventory I still can’t see what I need to do in 2008. Maybe it means I need to do something for a cause. I really don’t know what I care about. Animals in trouble, the environment, the homeless, orphans? All these have a really good support systems already.

What can I do that is unique and still make a difference? This is what is on my mind today. I hope to have this better thought through before the 1st. If you have any ideas let me know by commenting.