2008 – What will it bring?

Time to start thinking about next years goals. Maybe I will try to lose weight, save money, be happier? All those things sound great but I say I am going to do them every year. What will I try this year? I have been thinking about this for a while now. I guess what I need to do first is take inventory of what I have.

  • Family: is Healthy
  • House: Needs work but it is ok.
  • Work: I have a job, that’s good
  • Stuff: I have too much stuff
  • Me: I am ok

So now that I took inventory I still can’t see what I need to do in 2008. Maybe it means I need to do something for a cause. I really don’t know what I care about. Animals in trouble, the environment, the homeless, orphans? All these have a really good support systems already.

What can I do that is unique and still make a difference? This is what is on my mind today. I hope to have this better thought through before the 1st. If you have any ideas let me know by commenting.

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  1. pep on

    Coaching and working with little kids is always amazing. Knowing that what you do will give a kid who may not have the type of support your kids have at home, the confidence to believe in themselves is very rewarding.

    Ronald MacDonald house is another great place to do something with. Those kids who are going through some very tough times with illness and are away from home love to have something going on. Planning a cookout and some type of activity for them is incredibly rewarding great when you get a group of people together and make it an event. Seeing how they smile and have amazingly resilient spirits, while the rest of us who complain about silly things every day don’t always have that attitude

    Just some things I found very rewarding.

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