Keurig vs. Senseo vs. Tassimo

I thought I would take a moment a write down my thoughts about these new instant coffee machines. Over the holidays I was lucky enough to get a gift that allowed me to purchase one and by chance I also won a different free one by filling out a survey. We didn’t know much about these machines so hopefully our research and this post will help you get to your choice quicker than we did.

So lets first look at how I chose the one we bought. We looked at the three main players in this space. Keurig, Tassimo, and Senseo. We thought we wanted the Tassimo which is touting that they are the only one that has Starbucks coffee, so that is what we looked at first.

The Tassimo was small and compact, and upon reading reviews of the unit, people seemed to like it. They just said it was loud. (Loud isn’t good at 5:30am with sleeping children in the house.) Anyway when we went to the store to look at it we were not impressed. Strike one, the unit was small and it didn’t seem to fit our tall travel mugs. Can you imagine filling a smaller cup and then dumping the coffee into a larger one. For the Martinez Family efficiency is key, more dishes didn’t make sense. Also the water reservoir was on the back of the unit so if you place it on the counter you need to move it forward to add water. each time. Strike two, all the stores we visited didn’t seem to have any of these new Starbucks discs for the Tassimo. And strike three, the unit seemed made of light and cheap plastic. Seems that with daily use it would start to break apart. The Tassimo uses T-Discs. The price of one cup of coffee with a Tassimo was $.56 per cup. This is the most expensive single cup option. Lastly we did not try the coffee since all the issues prevented the purchase of the machine.

Next we researched the Keurig. The Keurig was tall enough to fill our tallest travel mug. At first it looked too tall. “Would it even fit under our counter?” We took a chance and it fit really nice. The large water reservoir was detachable and hangs on the side of the unit. This makes it easy to get to and refill. Although there wasn’t a Starbucks option we always found the pods available in all flavors in all the stores we went to. They even have an assortment of Tea’s. The unit itself was solid and durable looking. You insert the K-cup into the top and pull down a nice chrome handle to start the process. The noise level is moderate with a light hum while brewing. Once brewing is done you open the handle and through away the pod. There is nothing to clean or rinse. No extra trips to the sink. The machine is solid. It doesn’t feel like your going to break it. The pods are sealed so the coffee doesn’t get stale. The Model we chose has a small computer that we set to auto shut off after one hour. The coffee tastes great, and only costs $.40 per cup. You will need to try the different flavors that come in the included variety pack to figure out the ones you like. This one is a keeper.

senseo-black.jpgSo after 2 weeks of using the Keurig a free Senseo machine arrived at our door. If you goto their website and fill out a survey (and they like you) they will send you one free. I was exicted because now with another machine, I can take one to work for my office. The coffee at work has been dismal. After unpacking the machine and setting it up I found it to look really cool but it felt light and “plasticy”. The water reservoir is on the back and has this annoying piece of plastic that falls off. The coffee comes in these tea bag like discs and are open to the air not sealed. This leads me to think maybe they will go stale sooner. There is also an extra disc holder that lets you pile 2 discs together so you can make 2 cups of coffee at the same time. Yes you can fill two mugs at once, side by side. I thought that was it’s only cool feature. The noise level is OK. So it shouldn’t bother anyone at work, since that is where this unit will end up. After brewing you need to remove the soggy disc and throw it away and rinse the disc holder. This means more trips to the sink. I will have to try the different flavors because the one sample that came with it tasted a bit bitter. So since it’s free and the price per cup is only $.20, I will use it at work and enjoy my own coffee rather than the horrible stuff we have there.

Needs discovered along the way:

  • Must fit tall travel mug.
  • Cost per cup must be reasonable.
  • Noise maybe a factor.
  • Durablity

Price Per Cup:

6004648.jpg Tassimo T-Disc = $.56

t_kcups.jpg Keurig K-Cup = $.40

senseo-pad.jpg Senseo Pad = $.20

prices from :

So the Keurig is the best for us but I hope this information helps you decide or narrow down what your looking for in a single cup machine. Let me what you chose by leaving a comment.

Some follow-up tips from using the KEURIG for a few weeks.

Here are some more tips to get to good coffee.

– All the coffee we use is the extra bold type. That really helps with the flavor.

– To fill a large travel mug press the small cup setting twice to fill the cup. That will leave a little room for milk and stuff.

– My favorite pod so far is made by “The Organic People” Extra Bold. Sharon’s favorite is “Green Mountain” Extra Bold.

– Set the temperature setting to the highest setting. For us it is 192 degrees Widgets



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  1. swag on

    I’d prefer a moka pot for a fraction of the cost and I could even use fresh coffee, roasted just days ago, and ground at that instant. Maybe it isn’t technically espresso, but it’s fresh and beats the pants off that stale, pre-ground disks and pods…

    • Carrie on

      Ok, first off, I was a Gevalia customer for like 10 years. Their coffee delivered right to my door. I decided this past October, to stop the deliveries. The economy being what it is, made the decision pretty much for me..anyway, I wanted an annual delivery and Gevalia kept saying….”we can’t do that” so I said, “well I can’t be a customer then” Now, all my family members have a Keuring. I only owned a brew pot with no desire to use a one cup coffee pot at all. Christmas Eve, UPS delivered a Tassimo system to our home. My husband is like “what did you order?” and my reply was “absolutely nothing.” I opened the box and the paperwork states, “as a Gevalia customer, your truly missed.” “Please accept this coffee pot absolutely free!” LMAO well ok then. So far so good. The directions were a bit vague but if you look at the illustrations, you’ll see that the pods go in upside down.
      Water tank in the back, who care?? I mean really…who cares. As far as cup size, just remove the stand..problem solved. Heading to Bed Bath and Beyond to purchase some of the gevalia flavors and maybe the hot chocolate. Would I have purchased one? Maybe, but honestly probably not. It is convenient, but then, FREE is good, right? Happy New Year everyone.

      • Ian on

        You didnt get anything for FREE. You are now caught in the Tassimo game. The disks are all you can use with the Tassimo Brewer. They would give everyone a brewer if they could. In the last 3 months the disks have increased in price an average of 39%. If you had a pod brewer the range of offering on coffee & teas are endless. These pods wont increase your costs and they are biodegradable so you are not filling the landfills with wasted plastics.
        Enjoy your FREE brewer.

  2. Nick Usborne on

    I’m with you swag…here’s a picture of my “poor man’s latte” using a Mocka pot. Beautiful coffee! And for just pennies.

    • Ian on

      Nick is right- its about the coffee and some are settling for convenience over quality. Check out Nicks website..he has done the detective work and has posted a lot of info on single cup. The video post are very helpful and go through the operation on many of the brewers listed here.

  3. eileen on

    We bought the Keurig for Christmas and we LOVE it. My daughter wants one too for when she goes away to college in the fall.

  4. Gabriel on

    If you would have looked closer on the Tassimo, you would have found that there is 3 different setting for the cup holder and that a travel mug fit easy in there.

    Anyways…I love my Tassimo T-Discs are a little expensive like you wrote but it’s some exellent coffee.

    • Rozz on

      Keurig coffee tastes better and is cheaper and has more selection

      • MO on

        I have a Tassimo at my office and love it. I chose it because you can have lots of other types of coffee (lattes & cappuccinos in addition to regular coffee) and tea & chocolate drinks that you can’t have on a Keurig. Also, the quality of the coffee is much better. I sampled a Keurig cup of coffee and sampled the “French Roast” thinking it would be a bold cup of coffee. Couldn’t be further from the truth!! Weak and tasteless. And I think the unit is HUGE!! It is way too large and takes up much to much valuable counter space.

  5. Scott on

    I find the Keurig coffee to be only slightly better than instant. I have had coffee brewed by an office version of the Keurig and by my Dad’s home unit. I only drank the coffee because I had no other choice. I found the tea products in K-cups to be un-finishable. I found the Flavia, btw, to be equally bad.

    I bought a Tassimo for my company after an employee raved about her Tassimo. I was so blown away by the taste and variety that I convinced my wife to get me one for Father’s Day. Father’s Day is next week but I already opened it!

    The Tassimo is slower and louder, but to me, the end-product is so vastly superior I cannot believe that there is even a discussion about it. I have had T-discs of Seattle’s Best, Starbuck’s, and Gevalia coffees; Gevalia cappucino, and Twining’s chai. They have all been really, really good. There is really no comparison to the “Kool-Aid coffee” that K-cups produce.

    One negative: the first machine I purchased did not work properly. I exchanged it (at Bed Bath & Beyond) for another a few hours later without issue. Bed Bath & Beyond, btw, has a great selection of Tassimo flavors.

    I am now in Tassimo heaven…

    • guy nelli on

      we bought a tassimo, we were getting coffee grinds in w/the coffee,called tassimo and mach was replaced,still had same problem, come to find out that the Tcups are defective, if the foil is not sealed to the center structure where the hole is punched, the coffee grounds will come out w/the water instead of thru the filter in the Tcup. we will be buying the keurig.

    • carey on



      • William Gates on


    • Dot on

      I have a Tassimo and love the coffee, BUT I have had trouble with the machine. Before my first year of ownership was up I had to call for help. Because the technician could not assit me in correcting the problem (it made a lot of noise, but no water came out to run through the T-Disc), I was told to return to the store where it was purchased (also Bed, Bath, and Beyond) and get my machine replaced. I did.

      Now, the second machine is less than a year old and also has a problem. This problem is that it automatically goes into the manual mode after the automatic brew button is pressed and the coffee made. This causes me to have to stand by the machine and manually turn off the power so I don’t get more water added to the cup. If I am not there, the cup overflows and the coffee is very weak.

      Again, I called help. This time the technician could not isolate the problem and told me that since it was a replacement and now out of the initial warranty (but not the date of exchange for the 2nd machine) the only thing I could do was to write a letter to Good Housekeeping (they evidently gave it their seal of approval) asking for an extended warranty. I did. That letter was written about a month ago and I have heard nothing.

      Problems with two machines, each in less than a year, has me now thinking that I would be foolish to purchase another Tassimo so I am considering a Keurig. I hate to give up on my Tassimo, but I don’t think the track records my two Tassimo machines have are worthy of another Tassimo purchase.

    • MO on

      Agree 100%

  6. Liz on

    Any suggestions on coffee flavors for Tassimo….I’m dissapointed so far with the Gevalia morning roast!!!!

    • Rikki on

      go to their website, they have numerous choices. from medium to dark roasts. I would suggest using their selection assistant (it’s listed in the choices under shopping)

    • cowgryl on

      Liz, I have only tried Maxwell House House Blend & am sold with that one, good cuppa joe. Enjoy!

    • Dot on

      It depends on your coffee preferences, but I love the African Kitamu and the Verona.

    • Gerry on

      Try the Nabob Crema

  7. Tony on

    I happen to like Coffee Peoples “Black Tiger” Bold. It is really really good.

  8. dorothy on

    I have Tassimo and all you have to do is remove the stainless steel on the bottom and it fits a tall cup. I have tried all three and Tassimo is by far better.

  9. philippa on

    Loooove my Tassimo. With the exception of the $700 unit that uses Nestle (yes, Nestle but it is the european quality product…don’t think about the candy version of Nestle) pods from William Sonoma and is plumbed into your kitchen, the Tassimo is unbeatable. Huge selection of coffees and teas and terrific customer service if you order on line. Yes, it’s a little noisy but quiet compared to the over-crowded Starbucks by my house…and way more convenient. Love brewing just what I want with the matching creamer or layering coffee, creamer and hot chocolate for a truly decadent treat. Everyone should have a Tassimo…and the pods are available EVERYWHERE! Target has the Starbucks pods but shop online for the best assortment.

  10. Vicki on

    I initally purchased and used the Tassimo for approximately one year. I really loved the concept but had a few annoyances.. one, the water supply being on the back of the unit and two, the face that there is only one choice for size. Yes, I like coffee but NOT strong coffee. Therefore, for each cup of coffee I made I was standing in front of the machine to hold the Manual mode button in to add more water (nice feature). I therefore checked the market and finally bought the Keurig. I love this machine! It has various size options ….perfect for my husband and I PLUS it has the option to use your own coffee!! I must admit I like the Keurig over the Tassimo for the above reasons but I do like the T-disk concept! They are small and compact! I just learned Tassimo is coming out with a Bosch Tassimo in September. i will again look at the Tassimo but doubt I go for it unless they provide the automatice size options! We are one to two cups a day coffee drinkers and certainly not taste experts! I’ll go as far to say I do NOT like Starbucks coffee – it is to strong for me. Either of these two machines are great machines!

  11. Bodil on

    We have used the Senseo for more than a year without ever finding a roast or blend worth writing about. We ended up buying a “Coffee Duck” which allowed us to use our favorite coffee from Starbuck’s,but what a mess!. The whole point of the single serve system was lost although the coffee tasted better.
    After a lot of research I purchased a Breville from Amazon (On sale for $299,normal price is $399) which uses the K-Cups from Keurig. With more than 150 different coffees,teas and also hot chocolate there should be a perfect coffee for everyone. The machine is solid and there’s no clean up which is a great advantage from the Senseo. It also handles the occasional Starbuck coffee crave with a simple system that allows one to use any loose/bulk coffee,so if the wish is to use a home roast – no problem. With 4 settings for cup-size plus a setting for desired temperature this has proved to be the best machine for our varying needs. A high quality appliance which also looks great on the counter. It is clearly in a category above the Senseo and it’s really not fair to compare them side-by-side. The Senseo is not much better than the free coffee machines Gevalia offer with their subscription coffee program, while the Breville is a sleek, great looking machine that offer a huge variety of coffees without the mess and is sure to have a coffee to delight even the most dedicated coffee snob. How anyone could compare a K-Cup coffee to that of instant is beyond my understanding. Even Newmans Own now offer their organic coffees in K-Cup although my favorite so far are Coffee People Organic, and Green Mountain Sumatran. In addition to Newmans Own, Coffee People and Green Mountain there are also coffees from Gloria Jean,Emeril,Caribou,Tully’s,Van Houtte,Diedrich and many more in addition to my all time favorite tea; Earl Grey and more from Twining’s and the whole line of Celestial Seasonings teas. Even hot chocolate from Ghirardelli.
    I am very happy with my purchase of the Breville through Amazon, but there are machines from Keurig for a lot less (starting around $80 I believe…) that uses the K-Cups,although I cannot comment on their performance.

  12. Virginia on

    much prefer the coffee from the Tassimo over the Keurig…….it’s a full brew versus flavored water……..if you like coffee, you’ll wind up going for the Tassimo

  13. Lori on

    When these “express” coffee machines first came out my Dad had to have one so he bought the Tassimo. And as you stated, it doesn’t look very durable–and its not. It broke after 9 months of use so us kids “upgraded” him and bought him one for Fathers Day this past June and he loves it! I’m putting one on my registry for us! 🙂

  14. Keira on

    Well, just broke up with my boyfriend, and I’m leaving him the Tassimo, and after a week, realized that I cannot live without the one-touch coffee maker. I can live without the boyfriend… just not the one-touch coffee maker! So, I went online to see if there was something better, because I did love the Tassimo that we had- coffee flavor was always excellent, I could have Starbucks, Gevalia, Maxwell House, hot chocolate, cappuccino, tea, and more! I actually liked the water reservoir in the back because it was out of site… But what I really wanted to comment about, is, unless I’m doing the math wrong, when I figured out the math… the Tassimo is the cheapest, per cup, unlike what this original post indicated. If a pack of 16 pods of Tassimo costs $5.99 each, that is $0.37 per cup; if a pack of 64 pods of the Seneseo costs $21.99 each, that is $0.64 per cup; if a pack of 24 pods of Keurig costs $13.95 each, that is $0.24 per cup. So, that would make the Tassimo cheaper, in the long run, and the Seneseo the most expensive cup of coffee!

    • asmodeus718 on

      um, yes.. your math is wrong.

      you got the Tassimo cost figured correctly, at $0.37/cup, but the Senseo comes to $0.34/cup, and the Keurig equates to $0.58, making it the most expensive of the three (and Senseo actually being the cheapest).

      Also, many people use 2 pods for one serving/cup, so those prices should be doubled in that case.

      I realize this post to which I’m replying is a year and half old, but I saw that nobody had replied directly to it to correct your mathematical errors. I figured I would take the liberty in case someone else happened upon it and assumed the prices you had stated were correct, as cost is obviously an important factor in deciding which coffee maker to purchase.


  15. evelyn parrilla on

    I have both tassimo and keurig. Love the idea of using my own puertorrican coffee on the keurig but i also love,love the “Latte” and “capuccino” on the tassimo. I collect coffee makers, yes collect and love them both!

  16. Sonic on

    I have a tassimo which I love and although it may have it’s design issues (water in the back) I just use a large measuring cup and fill it up. It isn’t a big enough annoyance to even be concerned with. I have debated about trying a Keurig for a small winter home I have, but after reading this discussion, I am think I’ll stick with my beloved Tassimo. I have had my particular unit for almost 2 years, use it daily. I am a coffee junkie so it gets a work out.

  17. Mike on

    We have a Keurig that we enjoyed for a year now. I have to say it is the best machine around. We had coffee from the others .. but the catch to good coffee is buying good quality coffee. We stick with Coffee People Jet Fuel & Black Tiger. Good Quality super coffee that “tastes” like coffee and not folgers.

  18. JBear on

    For those people who dislike the Tassimo water being on the back, the container slides up and off and you can fill it anywhere.

    • Dot on

      I have never found the back water reservoir to be a negative. As I wrote above, I have had problems with two machines, but the water location if fine for me.

  19. Lynn on

    I had bought a tassimo for my family. We loved it and my daughter wanted one to take away to college. She got a Keurig as a gift, she did not like it and opted to take the used tassimo to college. We now have bought a new tassimo for home. We use the Keurig at our weekend beach place.
    We prefer the coffee, tea and hot chocolate from Tassimo. I do the Tassimo direct for both my home and my daughter away at college. It makes life so easy and the shipments are always on time. I love that I can easily go online and change my order and the frequency of the order, or put orders on hold while my daughter is home on breaks.

  20. Lynn on

    FYI-We are finding some colleges do not allow coffee pots and they consider one cup machines the same as coffee pots. So I recommend you check with the school before your student takes one into the dorms.

  21. Tom on

    I don’t care what the original post says, my Tassimo is the best thing I’ve ever tasted when it comes to single cup hot beverages. The unit can fit HUGE travel mugs just by simply taking the bottom piece out, so what was originally posted just isn’t true. And as for the cost, I’m not sure where the 56 cent thing comes from. I get 16 pods for $5.99 at my local grocery store (and I live in small town Canada so why the heck can’t the original poster find these discs??) which works out to 37 cents per cup. Even if you get the high end Starbucks coffee (which are readily available at my little grocery store), that works out to 83 cents per cup and what did you pay the last time you were at Starbucks for a coffee?? It wasn’t under a buck. And now with the new design, you aren’t going to find many detractors in that department either. As for noise, have any of you heard an actual Cappuccino/Espresso machine before? I’ll take the Tassimo thank you.

    Simply put, the Tassimo is where it’s at. If you buy one, you won’t be disappointed. Guests are always telling me how impressed they are with it and how great everything tastes.

    • Dot on

      Indeed, the cup size is not an issue. The Tassimo cup holder can be adjusted to three levels to accommodate various cup sizes.

  22. Lon Copelin on

    We have been very disappointed with the performance of the Tassimo. Even more disappointed when you call their service line. The coffee selection is good, my favorite is the cappuccino. We have had this unit for a year, it has been one problem after another. Sure it is covered by a warranty, but there is a 4 week turn around for this service. Tassimo refused to take this machine back for a replacement. The lights blink constantly and of course there is no coffee. And yes, I have been through all of the check points etc. on this machine. Even more of a challenge is trying to place a stop on the coffee subscription from Tassimo. They just keep on sending product, there is little follow thru. There is little concern about customer service and when you spend an average of $40.00 per month on coffee pods, well quite frankly there is always another vendor. I spent many weeks trying to resolve the problem with the machine and then just trying to put an end to the coffee supply subscription for a machine that did not work. Tassimo should have just sent me a new machine without difficulty and I would probably still be a loyal customer.

  23. […] You may also like the “Keurig-vs-Senseo-vs-Tassimo” entry posted by Tony Martinez at his blog: “Attention Deficit”. He tried the three different systems and decided that Keurig was the one he liked best. Tony’s post has received over twenty comments, so other opinions are represented there as well. Read it at: […]

  24. Pete on

    Wife and I purchased a Tassimo “Suprema” this past week and love it. Many flavors, always hot, and we like the idea of Latte and Capachino(sp). It froths better than other speciality drink machines we have has in the past. Water in the back does is not that big of a deal. Coffe in 30 seconds is.

  25. Jo on

    Keurig is the winner in my book hands down! Plus if you really like Starbuck’s coffee, you can use the adapter and brew any coffee you like!!!

  26. martha on

    You missed out not trying the Tassimo. It uses any size coffe cup, water easy to fill, lots of good coffee choices, coffee brews hot and perfect everytime.

    I’ve tried the Keurig and didn’t like it. coffee was never hot enough. K cups are too big to store and takes up much more space than the Tassimo.

    Tassimo is the best hands down. I even got rid of my stove top espresso maker.

  27. Alexander on

    Ìt´s all about image.

    Try Senseo with Italian Lavazza espresso pads, called Sinfonia.

    Simple, strong, well tasting coffee.

    Otherwise, buy a real espresso machine, there is no way in between.


    • Maureen C on

      I have had a Senseo for more than 7 years that I use at work on a daily basis. A couple of comments: the Senseo branded coffee pods are awful! I buy online through a couple of different vendors and have had very good luck with flavor and prices. Amazon has Baronet dark French roast (yum) for $24 for 3 boxes of 18 pods, works out to about $0.45 per cup. I also bought a Coffee Duck a couple of years ago that uses loose ground coffee that tastes really good and works out to be less than $.20 per cup. The trick is to wet either the coffee pod and holder before brewing or wet the Coffee Duck. I love the crema on top and I use a milk frother that produces delicious foamy milk just like you get at the best espresso bars. I don’t find it a bother or too messy with the loose coffee, although the pods are a bit more convenient. I have had absolutely no issues with the Senseo and, as I said, I’ve been using it for more than 7 years. It still works as well as it did when I first bought it and I love it.

  28. lisa on

    Thanks so much to everyone who posted reviews. I have been driving myself crazy trying to decide on one. i like the new bosch Tassimo design and have tried the tea and espresso and really enjoyed it. This will be an extra coffee/espresso maker for us. We drink lots of coffee, so, will use this for espresso, lattes, and chai teas. The information about taking off the water tank and also the bottom for taller cups is a real bonus! If I had not read these posts, I would never have known. So, i am off to purcahse the Bosch Tassimo System. Love that you can download a rebate form to send in to Tassimo for a free gift of mugs and strbucks t-discs.

  29. sandy on

    hi im sandy, im rather new to this blogging! but i must say, people really take it personal here. ive decided on the keurig, the coffee is sealed and its one cup and i know its the best decision for me. oh, yes the moka pot is disgusting, i dont drink my coffee in a rat hole.
    Thank you have a nice thanksgiving

  30. Tricia on

    I love my Tassimo!!!!!! I have had it for more than 2 years and have never had a problem with it. I buy the Starbucks coffee discs at Target (cheaper than Tassimo online) and use it several times every day. When the day comes to replace it, it will definately be another Tassimo.

  31. Dave on

    We now have the “new” Bosch Tassimo unit. It is far superior to the braun
    We love it, a lot of great changes

  32. Colin on

    I have had my Tassimo for a year and i have had to send it back a second time to get it fixed. Supposedly you are not to use soft wate rin them because it will get a sodium build up (this is what Tassimo says). when making Latte or Cappacino it does not empty the milk products and the disc is half full when i open up lid. Other than that i think it is great.
    Has anyone else had this problem. I have descaled but still does not work.

  33. suspecht on

    I am so glad I had the opportunity to read all this. I made the decision that my husband is going to give me one of these for christmas. I tried the tassimo at BB@B on Black Friday. then thought maybe I should get the kuerig, because of the Kcup, I really like fresh ground Dunkin Donuts coffee. But I am drawn back to the other choices of the tassimo. Well I am going to buy the Tassimo, wrap it and put my name on it from hubby, wont he be surprized….thanks for the advise…

  34. Eric Stewart on

    A sodium build-up!???
    What’s that Tassimo rep. drinkin’ or smokin’ ?
    Maybe your water is not as soft as you think. Take some water from an outside faucet, before it reaches the water softner, and then, get some water from the faucet that you use for making coffee.
    Get both tested for “grains of hardness”. I use a commercial Bunn machine. I have soft water. I had to clean out the Bunn every three to four months for mineral build-up. I re-adjusted the settings on my computerized water softner for “softer water”. I have not had to demineralize the Bunn since I made the adjustment 3yrs. ago. The amount of sodium increase in your diet is negligible. All my friends love my coffee and ask for more.

  35. Vicky on

    Is the new Bosch Tassimo unit quieter than the former? We love the convenience, taste, variety but it is loud. Also, after brewing, we often have a little leak that puddles out onto the counter… Anyone else have this problem?

    • Larry on

      I also have and old tassimo & it leaks out of the bottom where the cup sits. any solutions.

  36. Christy on

    I wanted the Tassimo system because I love the selection of T-discs compared to the K-cups. I remember Carte Noire when we lived in France and the Jacob’s when we lived in Germany. They only need Lavazza and that would round out the selection nicely. Unfortunately, my hubby thought he found a good deal on a Keurig Special Edition brewing system with 18 K-cups in the box with another 72 in a separate box for $129.99. The coffee is ok, not crazy about the selections included and I don’t like the fact that they don’t have K-cups for the milk. You can’t make cappucinos and espressos and lattes and all those yummy drinks that we all crave once in a while. (some more than others) Well, it was the thought that counts. I’m going to ask my kids for the Tassimo system for the holidays and not tell hubby. He can take it to the office, I’m sure he would love that! LOL!

  37. Michael T on

    It’s Keurig K-Cup all the way. Since their first introduction with the BIG FAT machine, like to have the old one if anyone still has it.. to the now sleek and handsome counter machines I’ve been hooked. Now I see that Keurig is adversiting on national TV and then there is this great shop here in Gaithersburg, Maryland that sells all the varities of coffees and teas available in K-Cups. Its called the Front Porch Coffee & Tea Shop and is located in Olde Towne Gaithersburg. They also carry a line of loose teas and Rooibos (red tea) Teas from South Africa. Ok you guess it, it’s my shop, come see me. Cheers, Michael T

  38. G on

    If you like hot chocolate and lattes but don’t want to make milk separately, yo have no choice tassimo is for you. The K-cup hot chocolate tastes like water.

  39. lindz on

    I LOVE MY TASSIMO!!!!! I like that there is a variety brands to choose from such as Gevalia, Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Twining, and Tazo are just a few. I love that there is a filter, there is a disc that comes with it to clean it. We had gotten the store model at Linens and Things when it was going out of business and got home and it didn’t work. Since we couldn’t take it back we called the company and they sent us a brand new one right away. I don’t like Keuring because all you can buy for it is that green mountain coffee, and its not very good. the senseo doesn’t proportion the water right with the coffee. Highly recommend the Tassimo Beverage System

  40. BG on

    Tassimo Rules, the rest Drool.

  41. Kyle on

    Tassimo is the way to go. For me, it is worth the extra $0.16 to have a great cup of coffee. It is louder than the competition but unless your making coffee in your child’s bedroom, I wouldn’t worry about waking them up. I love coffee and thought I would never get an instant coffe maker because I didn’t think it would make “my” perfect cup of coffee. I had used the Keurig at work and wasn’t impressed so I continued to by coffee at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. The Tassimo was given to me as a gift and at first I thought it was just another Keurig type coffee maker that makes below average coffee. On review, my views have changed dramatically. I strongly suggest Tassimo!

  42. Kyle on

    One more thing, as it was already stated, you can very easily take of the bottom peice to fit any size cup. I fill my travel mug on a daily basis. If you bought a Tassimo and are complaining that it doesn’t fit larger cups, open your friggen eyes!!!

  43. greenbird on

    same with the senseo…just remove the metal plate on the bottom to make a taller mug fit easily. BUT…the inconsistency of the pods…the temperature of the coffee is also not consistent. Use small demi cups for 4 oz. 2 pods required for 7 oz…do all these coffee makers use a pod for only a 4 oz cup? I have two senseo makers, just in case one stops working. ALSO..stores seem to be low on inventory for senseo coffee makers…are they going out of business? No new stock since before xmas..?????almost no selection in super markets and huge variable in price of pod packages. i don’t know. i love the whole idea of the single serve…and like the design of the Senseo. but am disappointed because it is really good, but not consistent. Maybe the machine is not working properly.

  44. Aaron on

    I’m still on the fence… we recently bought a Keurig, but my brother owns a Tassimo. The coffee made from the Keurig is far better imo.. but I really like cappaccinos(sp?) and lattes. However, when I had a latte from the Tassimo I was not impressed.

    For the people saying Tassimo has more coffee choices, I don’t think that is the case. There are over 100 choices in K-cup with many many flavors and various brands. We’re still exploring to find the ones we like best.

  45. MDBrion on

    I too have the “new” Bosch Tassimo unit. Quality is excellent and I’m very pleased with it’s features. Removable water holder for easy filling, Stowed cleaning disc, and great features that make it very versatile. I enjoy the Starbucks, Twinning Tea, Nabob & Seattle’s Best Coffee. I didn’t like the Maxwell house coffee or Latte. However, the Jacobs Latte Macchiato is SUPER ! I’m 4+ months into use and not a single problem. I’d happily recommend the Tassimo

  46. Michelle McNamara on

    I love my Tassimo! I have the older Braun one but I love it so much and I will tell you why. Oh and by the way I have had it for over 2 years and my daughter and her husband have had theirs even longer.

    It does more than just one thing. It is a computer device which reads the bar code for example latte’s yes with milk! And that isn’t the only specialty drink it makes. You can have a cup of Starbucks then move on to the Machiato and then Latte’s or Cappacinos. I didn’t mention the brews from all over the world or the teas.I have used the Kuerig..uh the same brewing for all varieties. Boring!

    This is truly is a coffee machine for the best coffees from all over the world made to perfection. The others can not do that. So yep the extra expense is well spent as you get quality coffee’s each and every time.

  47. Jeff on

    On the Bosch Tassimo, does anyone have an answer for the Milk discs not completely emptying? Seems to happen more with the Cappucino than the Lattes.

  48. Sophie on

    I know several people who own both the Tassimo and the Keurig. With Tassimos advaced barcode reading system, it surpasses the Keurig. Keurig fails when it trys to step out of the box of coffee. Has anyone tried their “hot chocolate”?. Several friends say it is disgusting. Keurig has not yet mastered it. The benefits of the Keurig is that you can use a K-Cup to make your own coffee, and some models are also programmable, unlike the Tassimo. Even with that being stated, Tassimo remains to be number one. Its versatile in making many drinks which are ALL delicious, it even froths! Some have complained about it being noisy, but I disagree. Its nothing to wake up a household. For those deciding to purchase the Tassimo, get it from Bed Bath and Beyond. If anything ever happens to it, return it to BBB instead of Tassimo. Its soooooo much easier. You can just exchange it at anytime. BBB also carries has an extensive variety of coffee to choose from. You can even use your 20% coupons to save more money! They carry the starbucks line in four flavors. Those friends of mine who own the Keurig are having second thoughts. They are either returning or moving on the the Tassimo. Hope this helped.

  49. AArononymous on

    The TASSIMO DOES FIT LARGE & TALL CUPS. At least the Bosch Tassimo does. The Cup holder slides right out to fit the tallest cups…and adjusts higher to accomodate really small cups too.

  50. Who? on

    Target is not carrying the Tassimo product anymore and I noticed my local BB and Beyond does not sell the machines, just the disks, while there is a huge display of Keurig. Is Tassimo losing some of it’s market?

  51. Erika on

    I prefer my Dolce Gusto machine,… it’s less noisy, it has fun colours, and it adjusts to any cup! I love it!
    My favourite coffee is the Lungo! 🙂

  52. Tony Martinez on

    Wow i can’t believe all the great information and opinions I have received on this blog post.. keep them coming….


  53. Tim on

    Most of the comments here are reflective of my experience, but they fail to bring out the real diference between the Keurig and the Tassimo. Two years ago, I was faced with this decision, so I bought a Kuerig for my mother’s home and a Tassimo for my home. Both have performed well through several hundred cups. There has been no issue with durability for either machine. As to the quality of coffee, they both have an adequate variety to satisfy any of the people we have encountered. As to the price per cup, the prices vary by brand of coffee, so either can be shown to be either more or less costly — not a variable upon which to make a decision. The Tassimo drip tray is removable to accommodate a tall cup, so that is not really a factor either. The water in the back on the Tassimo is less convenient than the water on the side of the Kuerig, but that alone wouldn’t sway a decision. There is really only one variable that is significantly different, and that is the variety of products. If the users are strictly coffee and tea drinkers, you should opt for the Kuerig. Kuerig has a much larger variety of coffees and Teas from which to order. However, if the users also consume expresso, Latte, Cappucino, Chai, and/or Hot Chocolate, the Tassimo has the edge. The Tassimo pods actually include liquids and the machine reads a bar code on the pod to determine the amount and speed for the water throughput. For example, a latte is brewed by first running through an expresso pod and then running through a milk pod. The bar code enables different amounts of hot water through each, so the combination of these two pods produces just one serving. Tassimo does not have a competitor when it comes to the specialty drinks, and it competes well with coffee and tea, so if you want more variety, choose Tassimo, if you are only interested in coffee and tea only and don’t need the other drinks, choose the Kuerig because you will have a greater range of choices. The Kuerig does offer a hot chocolate, but it is simple an instant package that you put in your cup and the machine just heats the water. The Tassimo, by contrast, has a liquid hot chocolate by Suchard, that is excellent and is mixed as it is poured. Both Kuerig and Tassimo have excellent websites from which you can review and order, and they give quantity discounts, run promotions, etc. The local store stock for either id typically limited to only a couple of varieties, so I have found it better to order on line rather than to find the disks locally.

    Bottom line- if you are trying to decide between Kuerig and Tassimo, go to the web-sites and review the disk selections, and choose the brand based on what you would be drinking. Personally, I would buy the Kuerig, because all I drink is coffee, but my wife and Kids out vote me and we are sticking with the Tassimo for the added range of products -lattes, chai, and hot chocolate. Once you decide which brand, both have a range of machine options. Some of the lower end Kuerig machines only have one cup size and it is small, so keep that in mind as you make your decision.

  54. Kevin S on

    WOW, this blog has been EXTREMELY helpful in making a purchasing decision. I’m looking for a present for my wife. Given all the information, I think I’m leaning toward the Tassimo, due to the versitility with specialty drings. I hope she likes it.

    Thank you all who contributed to this blog to help me make that decision…


  55. Pat on

    I live in Asia and have a Senseo machine, and am quite happy. The only thing is that I have to buy the coffee pads in Australia or Europe since we don’t have this in Asia yet.

    I would love to buy a Tassimo.

  56. Jane on

    The Tassimo has one capability that can’t be found in any other single serve coffee machine, and that is the milk disc, which completely eliminates the mess associated with making cappuccinos and lattes. The Nespresso may make a better espresso, but it does not make milk drinks, and the machine is a lot more expensive and less versatile. Other machines that have built-in milk frothers are difficult to clean and REALLY expensive. The Tassimo makes a lot of different drinks well, and ESPECIALLY makes milk drinks a cinch. I’m about to have my third cappuccino tonight!

  57. Gina on

    Tassimo pods disappeared from my Target’s shelves and the web has little (Maxwell House) selection. Where else do people get their pods?

  58. Branden on

    I have found that the Tassimo pods are pretty easy to find most of anywhere. Bed, Bath, and Beyond consistently has the best selection for T-pods. Linens and things, Lowes, etc. all have them as well. Type in your zip code on the website and see what you can find.
    I agree with Jane on this one. The addition of milk to the Tassimo machine is so easy to use and so good. They also just added a macchiato to their lineup, which I must say is amazing for a instant single-serve machine.

  59. […] Keurig vs Senseo vs Tassimo Attention Deficit Posted by root 3 hours ago ( In addition to newmans own coffee people and green mountain there are also coffees from gloria jean but what i really wanted to comment about is unless i 39 m doing the math wrong we prefer the coffee tea and hot chocolate from tassimo starbucks seattle b Discuss  |  Bury |  News | Keurig vs Senseo vs Tassimo Attention Deficit […]

  60. naree on

    Thank you for information

  61. Christy on

    Thanks to everyone for the discussion on Keurig vs. Tassimo.
    I am a coffee lover, have a Tassimo, and only use Starbucks Cafe Verona disks. Those Nabob ones are cheaper but taste like water.

    I love the Tassimo, but admit that I feel reeeeaaaally guilty every time I throw away a disk. It is made of plastic and would take centuries to break down. I wish Tassimo would come up with a more environmentally friendly t disk…maybe something out of foil or durable cardboard for one time use.

    • Kip on

      I concur Christy, too much plastic, but great coffee. Maybe of comfort that less water, less detergent/cleaner, and less energy are utilized with Tassimo (vs. drip makers anyway).

  62. Charles on

    Excellent discussion on Keurig vs Tassimo. I’m still on the fence, but leaning toward Tassimo. Based on what this discussion and other reviews that I have read, it appears that Tassimo owners are more excited about their machines than Keurig owners.

    Thanks for all your help.

  63. Kim on

    A co-worker swears by the Senseo (I had a coffee at his house and it was great), another friend says the Keurig is the best, and after I read all the posts, I’m leaning toward the Tassimo, as I like a cappucino or latte now and then. One question. I like to have my coffee 1st thing in the morning. Do any of the machines have a timer where the water can be pre-heated before you wake up so all you have to do is wait for the coffee to drip?

  64. Stephen on

    Tassimo is by far the winner!
    The new Tassimo brewer by Bosch resolves 99% of the valid points you make.
    Tassimo is also the only machine that doesn’t use fake milk. Tassimo products (such as latte, etc) contain real milk.
    Don’t go fake, go with a Tassimo!

  65. josh on

    All I can say is that you missed out on the Tassimo. The Tassimo has a simple insert so you can use your tall travel mugs and also raise it for small espresso glasses. The reason the Tassimo T discs are more expensive is because they are quality brands made with quality ingredients. We own one and have had coffee from all three and the Bosch Tassimo is by far the nicest machine out there.

  66. nadine on

    Great info from everyone–thank you. I’m still not sure which one to choose! I understand that you can use your own coffee with the Kuerig. Does the Tassimo let you do that, too? I am typically a Starbucks French Roast coffee drinker and want bold coffee. Knowing that, can I still use the coffee beans I purchase with either machine?

    • erin on

      Not with the tassimo you can’t. However, you can purchase starbucks T discs for the tassimo. Delicious! There are a few different starbucks varieties to choose from so far. Selection will only get better!

  67. Ellie on

    I was at the Mall last week & a guy was promoting the Tassimo. I tried the cappucino & it was awesome. I wanted more, lol. I like the different choices of the coffees, teas, etc.of the Tassimo but was still torn between that & the Kuerig. After reading these posts,seeing as most of you prefer the Tassimo, I will go out this weekend & buy one. Thank you all for helping me come to this decision!

  68. Scott on

    I just purchased the Keurig Platinum Brewing System and I love it. There are so many flavors to choose from. Also, you can use your own coffee with the easy to use My K-Cup. So easy to use and I can put my Starbucks that I love in there and not feel guilty about the plastic cups that have to be thrown away. I do have the Senseo at work. The water dispenser on that goes in the back likes to leak every once in awhile making a huge mess. I got the Senseo free and have enjoyed it but it is messier to use. But the flavor in the Keurig is so much The Senseo is very loud but with the office noise, it is drowned out. The Keurig I use at home still makes noise but is much quieter than the Senseo. The Tassimo system looks good too, but just seems a little more cumbersome to use, but it does make good coffee as well (Had some in the store when I was choosing between the two and still chose the Keurig). But the Tassimo is a good unit too.

    I also like the ability to set my brewer for multiple brew sizes (3.25oz for Ice Beverages, 5.25 oz, 7,25 oz, 9.25 oz and 11.25 Travel Mug).

    The Keurig comes with a sample pack. There are tea’s and coffee in there. I find that I like the Coffee People Original Donut Shop coffee the best so far. But I will be trying them all and there are SO many flavors to choose from and I still use my own Starbucks coffee as well. I saw one comment about the flavors tasting like instant. None of the flavors I have had taste like instant. And the coffee itself is not instant. But the process of making it is.

    All of the single serve models have their pro’s and con’s, but I am in love with the quality, performance and the abundant of coffee choices with the Keurig system. You will be extremely pleased with the Keurig system. And my Senseo at the office will be replaced with a Keurig very soon.

  69. sandesh on

    We bought a Tassmimo BOSCH at Bed and Bath. Has any one researched Water Cartridge cost of it. Looks like it needs to be replaced after every 8 weeks or so. Are they readily available.
    Also, do Keurig systems have one of these filters need. I like both T-Disc & K-cup tastes. It’s more about ease and cost of maintenance for me… !

    • erin on

      they are pretty cheap…depends how often you use the machine. I saw them in canada for 13$ each

    • Kip on

      For Bosch Tassimo, the Mavea Maxtra Tassimo Water Filter is $7.99 at BBB.

  70. Bellabear on

    There is also a $50 mail in rebate on the Bed Bath Beyond website that you can use on the Tassimo Bosch!

  71. Arwood on

    I think I’m leaning towards the Tassimo but I would really LOVE the option of organic T-discs. I have had no luck finding any evidence of organic discs made specifically for the Tassimo. Can someone shed some light on this please?

  72. Andy on

    Keurig pod holster, lets you use any pod in a K-cup brewer!


  73. Julie on

    The Tassimo is by far the best of the three contenders in terms of the quality of the beverages brewed. Their website offers a wide array of T-Disks. Here’s a tip: You can actually order any Tassimo product at Bed,Bath, and Beyond and utilize their coupons. Your selections will be sent directly to your home.

  74. susan on

    my husband bought me a Tassimo for Christmas & I absolutely love it! I come from a huge family of coffee drinkers & previously thought the best coffee flavor was from a French press; when he mentioned investing in a $200 coffee maker, I was positive it was a waste of money. I could not have been more wrong. This is one of the best gifts I have ever received. The flavor is rich, bold & satisfying, I love the convenience, speed, and low maintenance factors (i.e. no clean-up). Great gift. Wonderful product. Enthusiastically endorse it!

  75. erin on

    TASSIMO by far! I have done hours of research on both machines and I received the Tassimo as a gift. It is awesome. Best part is the ability to make different types of drinks and they taste great…it’s not just flavoured coffee. It is super hot when it is complete too and a drink is done in 30 seconds.

    The machine is compact and fits nicely on the counter top, looks nice too. I love the water storage at the back and it filters the water.

    I have the T65 and the appearance is nicer…lights….

    The only down is in Canada not all the drinks are available just yet, can’t wait for Tassimo to expand! I’d like to try the milka hot chocolate and I wish you could buy just the plain steamed milk discs here. I’m a fan that you can purchase starbucks discs and I sure hope they expand using the Tazo teas.

    I can’t say enough about the Tassimo

    • erin on

      I forgot to mention, it isn’t loud at all!! The bosch model is far quieter than the braun ever was.

  76. Nancy on

    I have both the Tassimo and the Keurig. I like the Tassimo flavor the best but it leaks water all over the counter. Does anyone else have this problem?

    • erin on

      I’ve never had this problem. It is quiet, quick and doesn’t make a mess at all!

  77. Cr on

    You should get the ‘My K-cup’. It is an adapter that allows you to use the coffee you want like starbucks. There will be some cleaning to do, but the cost per cup will go down.

  78. amy on

    ok is everybody a starbucks fan cuz i have never liked anything there. i’ve asked people what to get n still find it way overpriced crap n end up adding a bunch of stuff to make it even bearable. i usually just throw it out n cry that i wasted my money, again. that bein said i am a die hard tim hortons fan, yes i’m canadian but i married an american n i live there. so i just want my ‘go juice’ i do like the odd fancy drink but i don’t like bitter crappy coffee. it seems everyone who likes the tassimo is a starbucks fan so this makes me wonder what do timmy’s fans like. surely u canucks out there aren’t willing to give up your timmy’s so help me decide r these fancy machines not for me. maybe i should just live next to my tims. sigh, i’m a simple person i don’t ask for much just a decent coffee n if i could do it myself i would. i just need someone to say buy this its the best cuz i never have luck picking the right stuff. please help me i’m the worst at deciding. should i just stick with a regular machine i’ve bin looking at cuisinart they have built in grinders n filters or go with the one cup. o so many decisions, i just want my coffee!!!!!

    • Cindy on

      amy, I’m a timmy’s fan also! Not Canadian though. I live in Tennessee. I was introduced to Tim Horton’s by a friend that travels often to areas that have Tim’s. We order cases of Tim’s coffee and divide it up. Arguably my fav!

      Which brewer did you purchase? I just ordered a Senseo. I have not been pleased with the Keurig K-Cups. Something about the taste, maybe from the plastic cups.

      I’m like you my friend…just a good cup of hot, black coffee will make me happy girl!

  79. Joe Pelletier on

    Thanks for the great info and feedback. This makes it a lot easier to decide AND I now know where to get it! I am looking to get the Keurig.

  80. Byrd on

    Nobody has mentioned foam. Personally, I love the foam that both the Senseo and Tassimo have. The Kurig does not have foam. I have the Tassimo and the Senseo and really enjoy both of them. The Tassimo is a higher quality machine. I think Tassimo should include coffee with their product – Can be very costly to try the different coffees available until you find your favorites. I am surprised how many coffee lovers out there like flavored coffee which the K-cups offer. I have never liked flavored coffee – too synthetic…I have only occasionally added bits of fresh scraped vanilla or cinnamon to coffee but have never liked the strong commercially flavored coffees available…but do like the friendly foam that tops the Tassimo & Senseo.

    • Kip on

      The Bosch Tassimo maker does give a little crema from a coffee t-disc (dependent upon volume brewed), but probably not as much as a true espresso t-disc might provide (or a true espresso).

  81. John Maracich III on

    I also have the Tassimo. It’s been great for us. I am starting to become concerned, however, now that Target doesn’t stock all the coffee anymore.

    • Kip on

      One might try the BBB site and/or

  82. Byrd on

    I have posted before and never see my posts…very strange…I wonder about this because I have had some questions about the Tassimo system and am really not impressed with their distribution of the t-discs. Ordering on line…don’t like giving manufacturers the habit of selling to the public retail. That is why stores like Target, Wegmans, Macy’s, Sears…etc…just are not carrying the product or a very limited selection. AND the sample pack they sent with the new machine was a joke…6 Maxwellhouse decaf…So far, my calculations: you need to spend $100.00 on coffee until you find one you like and hope that the store in your area carries it. My experience is the stores just don’t carry the coffee because the profit margin makes it not worth their shelf space. They carry the maxwellhouse. Not what most Tassimo users are looking for, in my opinion.

  83. Ed Buckalew on

    The selection is one of personal choice. The Keurig is fine but the coffee (regardless of the brand I tried)at least to me is too weak. The Bosch Tassimo makes good coffee and the bar code enables the machine to read and mix the appropriate amount of water so the coffee is as designed by the company making it. I like my Tassimo over my former Keurig mainly for the foaming discs for specialty drinks. Buying the T discs at Target seems to be the most economical. On weekends though when we drink a lot of coffee we go back to our regular maker for inexpensive, great bold flavored coffee.

    • Kip on


      Do you have a “regular maker” recommendation?

  84. Retrdpsych on

    Well I’m still confused about which unit to purchase, but am leaning toward the Keurig, as we just drink tea or coffee. We grind our own coffee beans, and mix decaf with caffeine (1 cup to 1/3 cup in a 12 cup pot) as we don’t like the “jitters”. I’m concerned that the coffee will not be as “stout” or strong as we’re used to. Can the strength be controlled or varied?? I like the idea of using my own grind if I choose, but would like to try the varieties available. On a “green” note…we can recycle plastic here in Texas if the triangled number is 1-7…are the K-Cups numbered? Thanks for all the information……

  85. cowgryl on

    First,I don’t know what Tassimo machine you looked at but the cup holder is tierd & you certainly can fit a travel mug under there quite easily.
    Second, the water holder in the back of the machine is removeable & it has a red light on the front of the machine that signals you when the water needs refilling.
    Third, you state how much $ per cup it costs…well it depends on which brand you go with. The Maxwell House t discs are only .37 per cup, but the Starbucks is more $$.
    Also, the size of the machine is compact & fits perfectly under the cabinet, even when it is open, not true of Keurig, which you have to pull out to open up.
    I personally do not find it to be loud.
    I think if you are going to review a product, you should actually USE it before giving it a thumbs down.

    • carey on


    • feather on

      you only need one T-disk…Senseo, you need two pods for a full cup of coffee – T-discs are still more expensive…but not a big deal…Maybe .15 cents a cup …which comes to a whopping $54.75 a year. (for one cup a day)…probably less, lots of (20% off coupons for Bed Bath & Beyond.) Smart marketing…i now shop there for other items and their policy to accept coupons is great for their business.

    • Kim on

      AND it actually froths milk. The resevoir cup can be removed to accomodate a tall cup on the old model. And the “large” breakfast blend makes a nice big cup of flavorful coffee. Love the machine, but wish the cups were more easily recyclable or they’d do a reusable one like Keurig. But Keurig can’t make a latte. Dilemmas.

  86. ts808heaven on

    I just got my Senseo and its taste is waaay superior over the kurig and tassimo. The senseo may not look as pretty or not be as convenient when on the go, but what comes down to the mat is its overall taste, and thats why I chose the Senseo.

    Like was what was commented above, the Kurig and tassimo are just glamourized Mr Coffee makers. The Senseo stands alone with is coffee/espresso taste and froth that is outstanding.

    Forget the “stock pods” that Senseo and other makers have to offer, just “make your own” pods at less than 10 cents a cup with a 6.00 taste!

    If there were a blind taste test we know who would win..

    • Byrd on

      I went back to my Senseo after a month with the Tassimo – after running out of T-discs – terrible customer service and very slow delivery from Tassimo…I was surprised how disappointed in the Senseo I was. I use two disks and generally the Sumatra coffee. Much less bold flavor. I was really happy with the Senseo and then I received the Tassimo as a gift with some coffee. I ordered more coffee – and used it exclusively for about 4-5 weeks. Good cup of coffee. pass on the creamers…they all leak and have sugar in them…

  87. Byrd on

    I would love to know why the milk discs for the Tassimo all have SUGAR in them. The skinny (both types) have SUGAR as well. You can’t taste it. I am really thinking of going back to my Senseo – I like froth/foam and these are the only two machines that have foam available. I really dislike the fact that there is Sugar in all the milk T-discs that are available.

    • erin on

      Is it added sugar? Milk has natural sugars in it so maybe this is what you are seeing? I think the milk discs taste much like a cup of milk if I boiled it on the stove

      3 months of having my tassimo and I’m still LOVING it. Only wish we had more variety here in canada and I wish we could buy the milk discs on their own.

      • feather on

        Yes it is added sugar. I called them to confirm this fact.

  88. karen on

    does costco carry tassimo products? I can’t find any on their website and am far from a store so want to know before I make the effort to go.

    • Kim on

      No, they carry Keurig. Tassimo is amazing, though. Make a killer latte. I’m very torn with the inability to reuse or recycle T-disks like you can with the Keurig. I cut off the foil, dump the grounds for compst, rinse the pod out and recycle and it is a PAIN.

  89. Tom Barnes on

    I have always been very opinioned about my coffee and have been drinking it for a lot of years. I have a Capressio automatic espresso machine that followed the Krups Orchestra that I had worn out. Before, I had used Gaggio and other manual espresso machines. We always kept a number of choice regular coffees and a regular automatic pot for breakfast and company that didn’t want an espresso brew. Recently, my wife got do that she no longer tolerates the caffeine so we had to go to decaffeinated coffee for breakfast. I didn’t much like that so I started buying and trying the pod and liquid brew machines. I tried several and was not happy with any of them. The most recent was the Beveo. It was also the worst. You have to order the liquid pods from a vendor in Arizona! I ordered $130.00 worth of the coffee in my first order and it sux! Some of the pods flat don’t work. The coffee is cheap at about sixteen cents a cup, but not worth that.

    At any rate, while visiting my son, I got to try the Tassimo Bosh maker. After looking it over and trying the coffee it makes, I went to the nearest Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought the Tassimo with a good variety of coffees. We haven’t been using it long, but I love it so far. Here are a couple of things that I have noticed about it and love about it:

    1. While we used to keep several bags of whole coffee beans and fresh coffees for variety that we made in the drip coffee maker, the Tassimo offers a great variety of coffees in nice little pods that store beautifully in the rack that is available from Tassimo. A word about the rack though – it simply is not the ultimate! It does not allow the storage of enough variety of beverages. I will probably design and make one that I like, but the Tassimo one will work for now. The Tassimo pods are a lot easier to store than all of those bags of exotic coffees that we were storing. I will still keep the old coffee maker for company or until it starts collecting dust from disuse.

    I got the Tassimo with the filter. That was a waste since we use a Durastil to distill our own water. Once I unpacked the Tassimo coffee maker and realized that the filter unit displaces about half the water in the reservoir, I removed the filter unit and stored it. Now, I go a lot longer between refills!

    I always use distilled water in my coffee makers. They last a lot longer and the taste is great. If you don’t want to distill your own, Wal-Mart sales distilled water for something like sixty eight cents a gallon.

    I will still use my Capressio for making espresso beverages mostly. The espresso shot is better than the Tassimo and a lot cheaper – plus, I already own it and the creama is a lot nicer! My wife is not as critical as I am and she loves being able to make her own espresso drinks using the Tassimo – no muss, no fuss!

    I have to say that the Tassimo is what I was looking for. I wish I had bought it first. You will be seeing some used one cup coffee makers on Amazon very soon.

    The water tank being in the back of the Tassimo is not a problem at all. I prefer it there.

    The coffees that we have made with the Tassimo so far have been just as delicious as they would have been at the local coffee bar. I could not say that about the other oe cup machines that I tried.

    One word of caution about the Tassimo – some of the coffee pods take a sixteen ounce cup. It says that on the package that the doffee comes in. Did I mention that I almost always do before reading? My wife did mention that as I cleaned up the minor mess that I made. Fortunately, the cup holder did a very good job of catching the excess coffee as it flowed out of the eight ounce cup that I used.

  90. Bolanka on

    Thank you. I liked your site very much. You have been telling about nice subjects…

  91. nadir on

    DONOT buy tassimo machine, they have very bad customer service in tassimo direct web site there is a variety of coffees and teas but the problem when you order on line or by phone they let chose from the variety but you will never receive it , they will send you a card one week after your order telling you they have one or more more of the coffee you order out of stock and ask you to wait , it happened with me 3 times one time i waited 3 months and their customer service lying in phone that they will send the coffee but i never received anything and i ended cancel the orders, this company is selling coffees and teas they donot have so donot waste your breath , and there no store sell the variety in their website , very very bad service you donot expect of a company selling bosch coffee machine,

    • KIp on


      Thank you for sharing your story of that experience. I’m certain if those circumstances were encountered by myself, I would be just as aggravated and frustrated. But if you have a brick-and-mortar coffee/tea source close by, or if you can order on-line from another source, I’d suggest sticking with the Bosch Tassimo unit; it makes a very good cup.

      Let me say too, my TassimoDirect ordering experience is different from yours Nadir. Maybe because my tastes are more pedestrian, but I’ve found my coffee and tea selects in stock and ready to ship (Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Maxwell House, Gevalia, Twinings, & Tazo).

      Also, TassimoDirect customer service experience-wise, I’m impressed. It started with my Bosch Tassimo machine purchase being upgraded to a more expensive model because the one I ordered was out of stock at the time I ordered. And the folks I’ve interacted with on the telephone have been polite, capable, and thorough. Any/All of my questions were answered completely. And once when I was only inquiring about a product, they offered free shipping for the item although the purchase amount was significantly less than the free shipping threshold amount.

      One bad experience can spoil the entire customer relationship, but I wanted to let you know, not all TassimoDirect experiences are like the one you related.

  92. Pat on

    Obviously, those who have replied love their coffee. I’ve found the stream of replies very enlightening and helpful. While my husband and I are certainly not gourmet coffee drinkers, I thought I might add a description of my recent experience to the list in case someone is still sitting on the fence.

    My husband likes strong coffee. I like tea or mild coffee. While visiting my brother last year, we were introduced to the Kuerig. While I thought the idea of making one cup of coffee at a time and throwing away the K-cup was an extravagance, there was a certain appeal to being able to make a customized drink (tea/coffee, mild/strong). So, I purchased a Kuerig at our local Target on January 2, 2010. I realize I purchased Kuerig’s least expensive model (on sale at $99.99), but its features provided us with what we needed. My husband loved it–until it starting shutting itself off for no apparent reason just 2 months after we got it. I should have returned it to Target but thought there might be some explanation, so called Kuerig customer service. I was surprised when the customer service rep offered to send us a replacement–no questions asked. I decided they either had great service or knew they had some problem machines in the marketplace and were prepared to make things good as the customers called in with complaints.

    The replacement arrived quickly–the first week in March. We enjoyed it–until it stopped functioning 1 MONTH after it arrived. I called Kuerig. After speaking with a Tech Support Rep, we were shipped another replacement which arrived shortly after April 1. It stopped functioning ONE WEEK after it arrived. I was furious. I now had 3 useless machines I’d have to send to the recycling center (which charges by the pound for displosal–and Kuerigs have some weight to them) and I was out $100.

    Target has a 90-day return policy with a sales receipt for a cash refund–luckily, their computer system had not yet been updated to refuse January purchases. I was able to return the original machine. I was also able–with some force–to get Kuerig to send me an online shipping label to return the defective replacement machines. (Why wouldn’t they automatically want them back to determine what was wrong with them?)

    I was tempted to pocket the money and drag out the old drip maker; however, I checked to see what other coffeemakers Target had on the shelf. I found a Bosch Tassimo. I made sure Target carried some T-discs (a limited supply was available–was happy to read about BB&B). Again, I’m sure it’s their bottem line version, but it does what we need it to do and I like the compact design. I did like Kuerig’s option of an empty K-cup you could fill with your own coffee. I also liked the fact that you could fill a mug in one step–no need to override the automatic setting to get a full mug. However, those Kuerig features are useless if the machine doesn’t work.

    In case you think my experience is isolated, I related my frustration to a co-worker who said she’d owned a Kuerig–it quit working after 2 years.

    Maybe the popularity of the Kuerig–or the need to compete with others–has resulted in poor quality workmanship in the newer machines, or in the low end models at any rate. We’ll see how the Tassimo lasts. If it gives out as well, we’ll go back to the old, reliable drip coffeemaker.

    Oh, by the way, someone asked about softened water. I inquired of Tassimo customer service about a notation in the owner’s manual about not using chemically softened water. I was told (no joking) that excessive salt in softened water would cause the T-disc to explode because of the pressure the T-disc was under. For this reason, I was advised not to use the softened water out of our tap but was told I could use the water from our Reverse Osmosis faucet. High tech appears to have its limitations.

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  94. Hmmm on

    I think this review is a little incomplete since you did not actually taste the finished product of the Tassimo machine. I believe that is what sets it apart from the other machines. You should get one, try it out, then write the review again!

  95. Aaron on

    I have been using a Senseo for a few years now. I have found a great place to find pods online as well. http://WWW.COFFEEWIZ.COM is great for all single serving machines. They have all the pods available for any machine and a variety of flavors, blends, and roasts! I strongly suggest the Wolfgang Puck Sumatra Kopi Raya Coffee Pods for the senseo. I have found a few other great ones like “Jamaican me Crazy”, any kona blend, and i wish, pray hope and dream the Fratello will bring back the Yemen Moka Sanani. BEST EVER!! The only thing i have to say about the Senseo is that you should use filtered water to keep all the buildup out of the boiler.

    Hope this helps!

  96. Richard on

    Have had all 3 units, the best is the Senseo using your own coffee in pods made with the Podmaker and the Perfect Pod filters. I can make about 40 pods in about 15 minutes all with 12 grams of coffee which when used with the double pod holder makes a perfect cup. This way you get the foam crema, the taste and strength of coffee you want, etc. You can even flavor the pods with various spices or flavorings when making them or add powdered creamer (if you like that) and its dispensed all at once.

  97. Whitney Browner on

    Wow, what thorough evaluation you are doing here. Can’t wait to try some out!

    • Meg on

      Thorough in some ways, but misleading in others. Both the Tassimo and Keurig are good machines. It depends on your preference. If you are mainly a coffee drinker and you like to switch up your coffee flavors, then get the Keurig. If you like coffee, lattes, and cappacinos, then get the Tassimo.

  98. tibor on

    I enjoyed your writeup, it was very informative. The coolest thing I have found with the Keurig is that you can reuse the cups by purchasing a kit type of thing from them. They sell the lids separately, so that way you can pack any type of coffee into it making it as strong as you like. It also cuts down on the cost of coffee per serving. On the downside it does create some extra work.

  99. Ron on

    Being from Canada Im looking for a K-Cup for my Keurig that is close to Tim Hortons coffee. Any suggestions?

  100. Ian on

    The Sun Cafe is now your best choice in single cup brewing. No more plastic capsules to deal with and the best features for the lowest price.

  101. Phil on

    Have used Senseo for years. Main complaint is lack of variety of coffees. Machine worked well without any problems. Then I bought a Brevelle (Keurig). We love this machine. It is more expensive than the Keurig but seems much better as far as construction is concerned. I love the variety of coffees and the fact that each “pod” or cup is sealed so as not to get stale. I love my coffe strong, so I use two K-cups for 14.4 ounces of coffee. Cost more but makes a great cup of coffee-better than Starbucks by a mile. I only use extra bold. The machine is reliable, quiet and convenient. I’m in coffee heaven.

  102. John T. on

    Sigh. I really like the coffee produced by the Keurig machines…it’s too bad that they’re the victim of such awful design and quality control. If you’re considering a Keurig, do a search for ‘Keurig half cup problem’ in Google. I don’t need to say any more than that.

    Goodbye Keurig…hello Tassimo.

  103. Thanks for the informative article. Yes its the Keurig for us and the ability to fit the travel mug under the spout was an added bonus

  104. Michele on

    The Tassimo T-discs have gone down in price. At my local Walmart, I can get 16 of the Maxwell House Brand for $4.99 whereas I can only get 12 of the K-cups (for the Keuri) and they are $10!! I got the “My K-cup” but was having problems with grinds in my coffee. Plus it was a hassle for multiple cups to fill and empty that little filter. The K-cups were much more convenient but more costly too. So, I took back my Keurig and purchased a Tassimo. I am disappointed to find out though that Starbucks and Seattle’s Best will no longer be offering T-discs. Apparantly they are going exclusively with the Keurig. Hope I didn’t make the wrong decision in returning mine.

  105. Violet Vigorito on

    Well, I figured out why the cost of the t discs went down.Then I couldn’t find them anywhere for the Tassimo, and now it seems Starbucks cancelled their agreement with Tassimo.So they are no longer making them.That was the primary reason I purchased the Tassimo unit.However, i found out that Keurig Green Mountain will be offering Starbucks cups for their coffee makers.I will be calling Tassimo to see If I can get my money back, and then go buy Keurig.

  106. Karen on

    One more thing regarding the “loud” noise the Tassimo makes. It is no louder than a regular drip coffee maker which actually lasts longer because you are making a pot of coffee vs a cup of coffee. I find it hard to believe this would “wake up sleeping kids.” A bit of a stretch there…

  107. Meg on

    For those who don’t realize, there is a “size” option with the Tassimo. If you like your coffee, latte, or cappacino a bit weaker then simply use the “manual” button after the initial portion is brewed. You can do this for the coffee, espresso, and milk/froth. Personally, I would rather have the option to make my coffee weaker, then try to figure out how to make it stronger (I have heard that the Keurig coffee can be a little watery tasting at times).

  108. Ian on

    When it comes to options and versatility, the best choice will always be a pod brewing system that is not a closed system as Tassimo & Keurig are. When these companies discontinue your favorite blend( like Starbucks has confirmed in the case of Tassimo) you have no choice but to deal with it. With pod brewers like, Bunn, Senseo, Sun Cafe, Grindmaster, and others, you can choose from many fine roasters pods from across North America. You will never be stuck with limited choices, and the costs will always be far more competitive with filter paper pods because there is a so many options. If you care about the environmental issues and health related effects of plastics, why would anyone choose to brew coffee in these capsules?? Basically we all have our opinions on this subject, and the popularity of single cup continues to grow, as do the piles of plastic capsules in our landfills. Filter paper pods make more sense all around, I wonder when our throw-away society will see this? try or tweed and hickory for pods in a wide variety of choices.

  109. tom borchardt on

    For someone who seems to have spent a lot of time to pick out a coffee brewer there is an awful lot of misinformation in this article….the most obvious is that the tassimo gas in fact the most room to fit a travel mug for filling…you can fit a taller ciò under the tassimo than under the keurig…at $7.00 for 16 t discs the tassimo is much less per cup than the keurig at $11 to $12 for 18 k cups…or $9.00 for 12 k cups in the grocery store…the keurig runs 63 cents to 75 cents per cup….not 40 cents as this wtiter claims….the keurig is easily the most expensive per cup..and the tassimo maker much better coffee..

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