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Trying the WordPress App


Trying out tons of apps on the iPhone. Today I got a hold of an app for my favorite blogging tool. So far so good. This is my first post using it.

I will try to add a photo of the main screen and post this to see what it looks like.

So it works pretty well. I will maybe write reviews of some of my favorite apps this way. I have to practice my writing some how.


blogging from the iPhone line.

I am standing in line for the new iPhone. I normally don’t stand in line for anything but I really didn’t feel like waiting for it. I do have a really bad “early adopter” complex. Generally this causes me to pay more for things that get cheaper over time. I also end up dealing with buggy issues that all later adopters get to miss.

Well wish me luck I am about 75 in line and I just heard they are running out of stock already.