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Your Reading my Blog !!!! Awesome

as of August 30, 2008

as of August 30, 2008

So I happen to look at my blog stats today and I see a HUGE jump in my readership. This blog was meant for me to practice my writing, and give me something to do on those sleepless nights where the kids were up with a fever or I just can’t sleep.

I really have no purpose for this blog except as a place to post things that are longer to explain than a twitter post or Facebook entry can handle.

It is great to see that I am nearing an average of 1000 unique hits a Month.  Most of the hits have to do with the article I wrote comparing coffee makers. Seems like Google likes me too, as I am one of the top hits when you search any of the major pod coffee machines.  The comments on that post are great also, “keep the coming”.  So thank you all for reading my ramblings.  Maybe I will post more stuff now that I know people are reading.



Favorite iPhone Apps


Although my iPhone is loaded with tons of apps my favorite or most used apps on the iphone are:

Using this cuts down on sitting at the computer at night.

Twitterific and Twinkle
Both of these are cool if use Twitter “still trying to get more people on”

I can’t even begin to explain how useful this is. All my notes, screen shots synchronized on all my computers PC & MAC & iPhone. .

Simple todo list. I sync it, so Sharon and I can keep up with all the crap we need to do around the house.

NY Times
Since I have to keep up with all the stuff going on, this app allowes me to sound somewhat smart during small talk at work.

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