Favorite iPhone Apps


Although my iPhone is loaded with tons of apps my favorite or most used apps on the iphone are:

Using this cuts down on sitting at the computer at night.

Twitterific and Twinkle
Both of these are cool if use Twitter “still trying to get more people on”

I can’t even begin to explain how useful this is. All my notes, screen shots synchronized on all my computers PC & MAC & iPhone. .

Simple todo list. I sync it, so Sharon and I can keep up with all the crap we need to do around the house.

NY Times
Since I have to keep up with all the stuff going on, this app allowes me to sound somewhat smart during small talk at work.

This app is the best looking if the bunch. I can watch the stock plumit where I work and read news for my company. Go ahead and google where I work and see the horror show.

Weather Bug
This is nice app. Only use it to look at radar fir storms. The iPhone app for weather is for every day.

Cool way to listen I music basically you enter the name of your favorite song or artist an it makes a playlist of similar sounding songs. I find lots of new stuff to listen to this way.

This app controls everything you have on iTunes. Really amazing actually. I still can’t believe this even works.

I am able to update my Blog from this app directly. I posted this while in the movies waiting for the movie to start.

Web short cuts
The rest of my iphone is littered with web shortcuts. These get me to my favorite sites fast. Woot and DIGG ate my favorites.

I am trying lots of games. The coolest games are “Tap Tap Revenge” and Labyrinth.

As you can see from the photo I have 7 pages of applications, games, etc. You can take a picture of the screen by holding the bottom and top buttons together.


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