blogging from the iPhone line.

I am standing in line for the new iPhone. I normally don’t stand in line for anything but I really didn’t feel like waiting for it. I do have a really bad “early adopter” complex. Generally this causes me to pay more for things that get cheaper over time. I also end up dealing with buggy issues that all later adopters get to miss.

Well wish me luck I am about 75 in line and I just heard they are running out of stock already.


CoffeeWars 2008 – Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonalds vs The Economy

You hear about it almost everyday now. The headlines are popping into mainstream news. Coffee is being hit pretty hard by the economy. Even the giants like Starbucks are losing money. But how is this possible? I thought coffee drinking would be up. Traditionally during down swings in the economy it’s the addictive habit forming bad stuff that usually does well, like cigarettes, alcohol and yes our favorite drink Coffee.

I love coffee in good times and in bad. Lately times are a bit rough, gas price is up, the fear of recession is looming, many are unemployed. I guess the idea of going into a really nice store with wood floors and nice couches and buying a cup of coffee with a name like “Venti Caramel Macchiato, with Whip Cream, Extra Hot with a shot of Espresso” just doesn’t sound like the right thing to do during these times. So what are people doing for their coffee fix?

I think people are going to places where it feels right. For example at Dunkin’ Donuts, coffee is just called coffee. You have a choice of small, medium or large. You can have creme or milk and what ever sweetener you like. If you work at it you can make you coffee taste anyway you like. Sure the cup is made of Styrofoam and it doesn’t have a cardboard sleeve. When thrown away the cup will never decompose and that’s bad for the environment. You don’t get someone called a “Barrista” making your coffee. But you feel good about that Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. You didn’t overspend or splurge. You are drinking with the common folk. I have noticed a lot less staring while carrying my Dunkin’ Donuts coffee cup than when I was toting around my Starbucks coffee cup.

I think even McDonald’s is getting the hint. They are offering coffee where people buy comfort food. There is nothing like getting up early and heading into McDonald s for a Sausage McMuffin and Hash browns. In the past I would never think to get coffee at McDonald’s but now they have the same large cups and raised lids that make you feel like you have a good cup of coffee.

So I think Starbucks needs to become more socially acceptable during good times and bad. Here are some ideas for Starbucks to get me in the store.

  • Free WIFI: Nothing is better with coffee than some free internet use.
  • Inexpensive “make your own” coffee with free refills: I normally just get a regular coffee at starbucks so why does someone have to pull the handle on the coffee urn for me, when I can do it myself. The free refills would keep me in the store eating more banana nut loaf.
  • Coffee lessons: have the Baristas teach us common folk how to make a good espresso.

When the times are good and you want to feel like a treat goto Starbucks. When your dealing with day to day just surviving in this crazy economy go where it feels right.

Inspired by:
Pressed by Economy, Starbucks Lowers Its Forcast – New York Times

Keurig vs. Senseo vs. Tassimo

I thought I would take a moment a write down my thoughts about these new instant coffee machines. Over the holidays I was lucky enough to get a gift that allowed me to purchase one and by chance I also won a different free one by filling out a survey. We didn’t know much about these machines so hopefully our research and this post will help you get to your choice quicker than we did. Read more »

2008 – What will it bring?

Time to start thinking about next years goals. Maybe I will try to lose weight, save money, be happier? All those things sound great but I say I am going to do them every year. What will I try this year? I have been thinking about this for a while now. I guess what I need to do first is take inventory of what I have.

  • Family: is Healthy
  • House: Needs work but it is ok.
  • Work: I have a job, that’s good
  • Stuff: I have too much stuff
  • Me: I am ok

So now that I took inventory I still can’t see what I need to do in 2008. Maybe it means I need to do something for a cause. I really don’t know what I care about. Animals in trouble, the environment, the homeless, orphans? All these have a really good support systems already.

What can I do that is unique and still make a difference? This is what is on my mind today. I hope to have this better thought through before the 1st. If you have any ideas let me know by commenting.

How I use my Moleskine

I discovered moleskine’s while I was listening to a podcast that was touting them as the new PDA.  It is a very simple notebook that feels nice as it is covered in a foe leather like cover. The pages, lined or not are a light beige so they are easy on the eyes. The notebooks have a strap that keeps it closed or can be used to hold your page. It also has a bookmark attached that can be moved page to page. Lastly there is a pocket in the back to hold receipts, stamps or anything else. There are many styles; the traditional book like, and also a reporter style that opened vertical. All together for the price this is a great notebook with lots of features. They come in many sizes and styles. Also pre-printed with calendars and other useful day planner type prints.

mole_regular_sm.jpg 32419_lrg.jpg reporter_offen1.jpg store_moleskines_06.jpg

I use the classic style as a daily journal to dump my thoughts and empty my head. I use the reporter style as a basic GTD task list. These are great catchalls when you are not a computer. Also if you attach a pen to the side you will always be able to capture anything that comes your way.

I gotta twitch

23462808.jpgEver try to go to sleep and something keeps waking you up?  For me it is some kind of twitch.  It’s like my brain telling me “WAKE UP, YOUR NOT DONE YET”.  So this is why I am updating this old blog.  My brain needs something to do.

Pop vs. Coke vs. Soda: A map of what U.S. residents call soft drink

Map showing what people call soft drinks across the us — pop, soda, coke, other. What do you call?

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